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Word of Mouth Storytelling Slam: “Bridges”
Thursday, October 4 • 7PM • This event is FREE!

On October 4, the Playhouse and The Ferry Market will present: Bridges, our first community story slam!

Prepare a five minutes story, based on the theme “bridges,” put your name in a hat and you could be one of ten people selected to tell your story onstage.

This first-time event is free and open to the community in celebration of the first anniversary of one of New Hope’s newest community spaces, The Ferry Market.

How to prepare/ participate:

  • Prepare a five-minute story incorporating the theme, Bridges
  • Stories on how you got from here to there; your experience
    with complex dentistry; card game wins and losses; or that time you met Jeff and Beau– get it? Bridges. Any
  • Stories are not to exceed five minutes and must be told not read- that’s right, no notes, no writing on your palm, no cue cards.
  • Stories should have a beginning, middle and end.

Pro tip: know the first and last lines of your story.

To Slam:

  • Storytellers arrive with a 5 min story and put their names into a hat 30 mins before…
  • The slam starts, the host picks a name, first storyteller tells a story
  • After each story, three groups of judges give a score based on:
    • Is the story on theme?
    • Was it five minutes or under?
    • Was there a meaningful conflict and resolution?

At the end of slam, the storyteller with the highest score wins!


Get Slam Ready with a workshop! Click the link below to sign up for the class that will get you prepped for the slam:
(Class is not required to participate in the slam.)

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