New Voices Press Release

New Voices: Actors and Playwrights Festival

Brings Brand New Work

To the Playhouse Stage

New Hope, Pa. – Bucks County Playhouse will present a series of brand new short plays on April 15 and 16 at 7:00 pm as part of the New Voices: Playwrights and Actors Festival education program.

The two day presentation is a culmination of a multi-week process in which new playwrights workshop their ten-minute plays under the guidance of Bucks County Playhouse teaching artist John Augustine and Director of Education Hester Kamin. Playwrights then partner with professional directors and actors to bring their pieces to life on the Playhouse stage.

The pieces presented will include “Political Scientists and Other Impossibilities” by Jonathan Chiccino, directed by Rhonda Goldstein and performed by Josiah Hutchings and Tom Stackhouse; “Down the Rabbit Hole” by Tabitha Dell’Angelo, directed by Ben Smallen and performed by Ian Boyle, Aimee Goldstein, Gerry Marie Martin, Holly Montgomery; “Socially Active” by Rick Goodwin, directed by Tristan Powell and performed by Zita Geoffroy and Tom Wardach; “How Theatre and Actresses were Created” by Luigi Jannuzzi, directed by Alana Caraccio and performed by Alex Madaus, Gerry Marie Martin, Josephine Patane, and Barney Stone; “The Naked Truth” by John McDonnell, directed by Ben Smallen and performed by Clint Boylan and Tom Wardach.

The lineup also includes “Sam and Beck’s Last Post” by Tim Mogford, directed by Wendy Schibener and performed by Ian Boyle, Aimee Goldstein, and Josephine Patane; “Stalling” by Katherine Pribysh, directed by Jean Brenner and performed by Susan Murphy and Michael Russo; “Evolution” by Tony Tomaine, directed by Tim Mogford and performed by Josiah Hutchings and Wendy Schibener; “The Daily Ritual” by Jennifer Stewart, directed by Ben Smallen and performed by Bill Brenner, Linda Kenyon, and Liz Powers; “The Heist” by C. Todd White, directed by Joe McKernan and performed by Mark Collmer and Tom Stackhouse.

This program is partially funded by Up River Productions, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with the intent of developing media to promote and advocate equality, diversity and inclusion. Their signature project is “Embraceable You,” which consists of an award-winning documentary, a book and a CD. For additional information visit

Tickets for “New Voices: Playwrights and Actors Festival” are $12 plus fees. To purchase tickets or for more information on Bucks County Playhouse visit or call the box office at (215)862-2121.