Bucks County Playhouse is grateful for the significant support received from the Bridge Street Foundation.



Chris and Mary Jane Beck
Pamela Kerr and JaQuinley Kerr
Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall

Producers Circle

Sustaining Partner
Bridge Street Foundation

Diamond Patrons

Lynn and Ed Breen
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Gayle Goodman and Jim Searing
Beverly and Paul Muller
The Pfundt Foundation
Sally and Harlan Weisman

Platinum Patrons

Vivian Banta and Robert Field
Alison and Mike Dalewitz
Patricia and Adolf Herst
Arabella Langhorne
PIDC Community Capital Corporation / Covid-19 Arts Aid PHL
George H. and Estelle M. Sands Foundation
Dee Ann and Marv Woodall

Gold Patrons

Bank of America
Capital Health
Drew Desky and Dane Levens
Kimberly and Edward Gibbons
Elaine and Anthony Grillo
Alexandra Jupin and John Bean
Teresa and James Knipper
April and David Navazio
Carol and Harry Rose
Visit Bucks County

Artists Circle

Silver Patrons

Sue and Jim Anderson
Suzanne and Robert Bodine
Jeanne and Frank Cretella
Judy and Joe Franlin
Fred Beans Family of Dealerships
Sally and Robert Huxley
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Greg Kammerer and Fred White
Barbara and John Lehman
Jamie and Marc Lemberg
Patty and Tom Lynch
Angela and Vito Mangiapane
Sandy and David Marshall
David R. McShane
Lisa and Jon Otto / Penn Valley Constructors
Pheasant Hill Foundation
Sheri Ranger and George Pierson
Walter C. Stoertz, Jr.
Alexandra Storm and John Bisignano
The Tonamora Foundation
Waste Management
Margaret A. Watson and Paul B. Brown

Bronze Patrons

Austelle Foundation
Nancy Baron
Austelle Foundation
Nancy Baron
Dr. Wendy P. and Gabriel A. Battisti III
Bucks County Foundation
The Byers Foundation
Dianne DeFuria and Luigi Lenaz
Nick Esser and Bill Gunn
Kathy and Ted Fernberger
GMG Insurance Agency
Jackie Grimm
Patricia and Bruce Hamilton
Marilyn and Don Hayden
Sally and Richard Henriques
The Klinsky Family Charitable Fund
Victoria McNeil Le Vine via The Victory Foundation
Joseph Litton and Brendan Nolan
McCaffrey’s Markets
Judith and David Mino
Andrew Moyer and Michael Raymond
Maria Nicolo and David Earling
NJM Insurance Group
Anne and David Pearl
John Sebesta and William Tomai
Deborah and Stephen Shepherd
Virginia and Manning Smith

Crystal Patrons

Friends of the Playhouse
Marilyn and Michael Anton
Randolph Apgar and Allen Black
Subha and Jim Barry
York and Amit Basu
Barbara and Jay Belding
John Carlton Brady
Bucks County Herald and River Towns Magazine
Brian Caldwell and Richard D. Catenacci in honor of Alexander Fraser
Carversville Inn
Whitney and Christopher Chandor
Elizabeth Danese
Sally and Lloyd Davis
Margaret Delaney and Matt Balitsaris
Geri Delevich and Jill Haegele in memory of Curt Plott
Roxanne and Stephen Distler
Debra, Lee, and Cameron Dittmar
Patty Ellis and Rebecca Tillet
Foundations Community Partnership
Ryan Fuller
Pat and Alex Gorsky
Melissa Graham
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Gribb
Gail and Al Hawraney
Peggy and Bill Hecht
Jacqueline and John Hover
Kevin Kester and Joseph Simonetta
Rose and Michael Koretsky
Natalie and Bruce Lotier
Kerrie MacPherson and David Gatchell
Debby and Ken Maisel
Hugh A. Marshall Landscape Contractor, Inc
Sheri and Terry McCoy
Enid McDonough and Roger Green
Pam and Jonathan Nemeth
Eileen and Robert O’Neil
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
William Peskoff
Sharen Popkin
Christine and Dr. Robert Reilly
Tina and Michael Rettig
Paula and Richard Ruderman
Taffy and Fred Schea
Victoria and Gregory Scott
Eileen and Richard Sichel
Linda Sommer
Joseph Tripodi
Laura and Gregg Wallace
Linda and Richard Walsh
Claude and Robert Waterman
Desi and Clyde Woltman
David J. Witchell Companies
Zaveta Custom Homes, LLC
Patrizia Zita and Jacob Genovay

Individual Gifts


Friends of the Playhouse
Michael Agenbroad and David Schumann
Christopher Asplundh Jr.
Ward Auerbach and Andrew Baker
Alexander Bauer
Mary and Dick Benioff
Caryn Black
Carole Bloch and Al Lieberman
Susan and Jay Brodish
Pamela and Stephen Can
Sharon Carr
Kerri and Geoff Cook
Donneta and Steve Crane
Julie and Brian Davies
Do Gooders Foundation
John Donato and Twain Gonzales
Melissa and David Dougherty
Jarrod Eddy
Barbara and Gerald Essig
Susan and Erich Everts
Juliette Faughnan
Rachel Finkle and Sven Helmer
Sherry and Randall Flager
Fred Eisen Leather & Art Knives
Vera and Ira Friedman
Richard Gacek
David Gaudette and David Maue
Susan and James Hanlon
Khristian and Timothy Hawver-Scott
Linda Butzier Hodgdon
Andrea and Joseph Hogan
Patricia and David Holveck
Lori Hoppmann and Susan Vigilante
Terry Hueneke and Michael John Ross
William Hunt
Sandra and Robert Immerman
Rach Ireland
Charmaine and William Jordan
Elaine and Gilbert Kasirsky
Laura and Rob Kasprow
Patricia and Scott Kauffman
Hon. Laurence Keller
Kathleen and Michael Kennerley
Susan and Sid Kirkpatrick
Stephanie Kramer
Cathy Lester and Kate McCann
Lois and Jack Lichstein
Susan and Abrey Light
Karen and Bob Lourea
Karen A. Marcason and Christian T. Hoffman, Jr.
Lisa and James McCaffrey
Carol and John McCaughan
Christine McGinn
Martha and Robert Murray
David Newhart
Courtney Odening
Lida Orzeck
Jenny and Ken Osterman
Linda and Jon Paton
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Pedinoff
Wendy and William Pfundt
Jamie Pollack
Patricia and Brian Price
Julie and Damian Proulx
The Pultro Family
KC and Ray Reinard
Rocco’s at The Brick Hotel
Lisa and Barry Rossen
Erin and Robert Russin
Alycia and Tom Scannapieco
Adelaide and John Skoutelas
David Smith
Trisha and Barry Spector
Nina Stack and Robert Gould
Patricia and Neil Stalter
Marlin Taylor
Team Toyota
Trail Electric
Ed Trauffer
Eva and Howard Wertman
The Harold Wetterberg Foundation
Doreen Wright and Robert Beck


Barbara Donnelly Bentivoglio and Dr. Lamberto Benitvoglio
Gail and Christopher Brown
Jeanette Castello
Diane and Warren B. Chaiken
Helen Davis Chaitman
Amy Cinque
Margaret Copenhaver
Jeff Cunningham
Christine Czernyson
Greg Datz
Merrie Davis
DeGrouchy, Sifer & Company
Dave Devito
Marian Disken
Dumack Engineering
Deborah Edmund
Terri and Jon Epstein
Jennifer Fest
Tom Flanagan and Fred Sciallo
James Fleming
Laura Franlin and Richard Hampton
Sharon Fronabarger and Jennifer Wohl
Fritz Gabriel
Emily Gaunt in honor of Victoria Racimo
Elizabeth H. Gemmill
Jayne and Bruce Gershkowitz
Dr. Elaine B. Gibbs
Julia and Fredric Goldberg
Anne and John Goldsmith
Jacqueline and David Griffith
William Grimes
Reina and Justin Guarini
Patricia Haughey and Robert Reager
Lansing Hays
Kathy and Rich Hazen
Jill Henry
Raymond Hill
Candace Jones and Stephen Phillips
Christine and Philip Junker
Steven Kaplan and Court Whisman
Robert King and Charles Noland
Jerry Klayman
Cindy and Randy Klein
Kenneth Klinkner
Paul Klug
Cynthia Kubas
Rosemarie and Rodney Kulp
Landstrom Family Charitable Fund
Bevan Levy
Donna and Rich Lovely
Alice and James Ludovici
Russell Lyons
Mary Malcolm
Marsha Mason
Susan McCue
Donna McNamara in memory of Curtis Plott
Barbara J. Meredith
Carl B. Moellenberg
Christophe Monigan
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Nagy
Paula and Michael Nangle
Neshaminy Creek Brewing
Amy O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Opiatowski
Nancy and Mike Pasquariello
Christopher Pelloni
Bob Pisani
Hal Pitkow
Kerry Purcell
Karen Reever
Dr. and Mrs. Scott and Patricia Reines
Emily Riddell and Michael Sneed
Gary Ridge and Tom Wisnewski
Nancy Rodman
Geoff Roman
Lorraine Rosen
Karen Ruddy and Tom Rossi
Mithun Sahdev
Jane and Bryce Sanders
Maxine and Stephen Sands
Jill and Howard Savin
Barbara Schiffman
Carol Shelly
Marianne and William Sifer
Helen Sullivan
Scott D. Sutherland and Stephen Thompson
Melinda and Ted Tally
Anthony Van Eyck Miller
Michelle Wallace
Janell and Terence Wassum
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Weiner
Maureen West
Ros Westlake and Steve Smotrich
Alexander Whiting
Jennifer and Brandon Wind
YourCause, LLC
Carlie and Joseph Zaroff
Ivan Zatkovich
Donna Zebley


Friends of the Playhouse
Eric Allender
Annette Annechild in memory of Curtis Plott
David Aust
Patricia and Glenn Beasley
Jean Berg
Harriet and George Blank
Lawrence P. Booth and Michael Richardson
David Brumbaugh
Terry Byrne and Brandon Doemling
Edward Cambron and Charles B. Finch
Nancy Chenoweth and Lynn Crowe
Barbara Coe
Lee Colletti
Carol and Al Coppolo
Judith and Ron Cronise
Douglas Denoff
Ivan Dizengoff
Susan and John Eichert
Eric Epstein in memory of William Harris
Ellen March Feinstein and Rosemarie Tichler
Robert Ferguson and Richard Foggio
Marilyn Fisher
Craig Garretson
Connie Gillis
Richard K. Greene
Lisa and Jack Halperin
Margaret Byrne Heimbold and Arthur Heimbold in honor of Lynda Jeffrey Plott
Beth and Scott Houlton
Mary Jo Jerome
Helen and Larry Kirschner
Chris and Bob Klein
Danice Kowalczyk and James Cahillane
Dennis Lloyd
Maloney Contracting
Kathleen A. McGowan
Tracey A. Moyer
Sandra and Donald Norin
Laura Aden Packer
Wendy Paton
Rita Percy
Janis and Joe Perez
The Plum Family
Nathan Read in memory of Curt Plott
Lynn and Cary Reimer
Gina and Lawrence Roche
Kathleen and David Rue
Maria Rush-Robinson
Susan and Jeff Sawyer
Susan Seidelman
Liz Sigety and Jeffrey Nicholas
Kay and Edward Slevin
Sharon and Michael Spadaccini
Dawn Steinberg and David Gautreaux in honor of Lynn Strelzin
Jennifer and Craig Stoltz
Donald Thomas
Cindy Threatt and Jennifer Widdis
Pam Tomasevic in memory of Curt Plott
Barbara and William Traubel
Carter Van Dyke
Elizabeth Williams and Joseph Forte in honor of Alexander Fraser
Lucill VanZyl and Robert Zurich
Jane M. Williams
Laurie M. Winegar
Woolverton Inn
Megan and Jason Yager
Kathryn and William Yeomans in memory of Curt Plott


Friends of the Playhouse
Patricia Abbott in memory of Dr. Curtis Plott
Jennifer and Jack Abrevaya
Jobert Abueva
Susan Achenbach
Margaret and Edward Adgie
Ann and Ben Albence
Mary and Thomas Alesi
Margaret and Edward Allahand
Lawrence Alles
Katherine and Gary Andreassen
Elena Annopolsky
Mark Ansley and Peter Miller
Ellen and George Anthonisen
Patty and Michael Antonaccio
Antoine Abi Antoun and Ina M. Jackson in memory of Curt Plott
Peter Armour
Nancy and Edward Ashe
Sandra Aubuchon
Karen and Michael Aversano
The Avidan Family
Charles Baier
Charles A. Ballard
Joyce and Kenneth Barndt
Kris and Mike Barnett
Jessie Barth in memory of Curt Plott
Patricia Beans-Clark
Lissa Beatty
Lynn and Walter Becker
CSL Behring
Terry Benner
Betty Sue Benton
Mary and Jorge Berkowitz
Mary Betz
Kathleen and Michael Beveridge
Cathy and Bill Biggs
Betsy Bishop and Tom Lashnits
Rita and Harold Bloom
Carol Bluestein in memory of Christine Ahern Dycio
Sherri and Joseph Boccagno
Lisa and Raymond Boccuti
Regina Bohnsack and Donald Mitrane
Adrienne Bolinder
Suzanne C. and Charles H. Bond
Christine and Charles Bonnici
Hidee and Robert Boorstein
Sally and Wayne Braffman in memory of Fred Block
Laura Brandeis and Richard Forte
William Bray
Scott Brazina
Kathy Briggs
Linda Brill
Nancy and Jon Brodhead
Alan Bronstein
Bob Bronzo
Jonathan A. Brougham, Head of School at The Hun School of Princeton
Harold Brown
Michael Brown and Stuart Carroll
Vicki and Edward Brzoza
Gerry and Peter Buccilli
Sara and Robert Buckley in memory of Curt Plott
Lee Buechele
Sue Ann Butts
Richard H. Buxton
Linda and Joseph Calamari
Nancy Cane
Kate Capanear
Robert Carfagno
Joann and Mac Carlson
Marie and Henry Carpenter in memory of Fred Block
Marie C. Carrino
Don Casto and Bret Carberry
Carol Church and Gary Wilmore
Anne Clarke
Jonnye Clark
Dr. Patricia Clark and Anthony Krzywicki
Patricia and Frank Claus
Robert Clerico
Lynn and Robert Coates
Megan Coatesworth
Paul Cohen
Dot and Alan Cohler
The Coletta Family
Philip Collura
Robert Collyer
Debra Conley
Michele and Gary Coombs
Michael Cosgrove
Bobbi Cross and James Matsoukas
Louis M. Cutler
Noah Daub-Evans
Michael J. Day
Joseph DeAngelo
Marlene Delacruz
Debra DeMartini
Martha and John DePierro
John DeVincentis and Dennis Mankin in memory of Bill Harris
Kathleen Donohue and Michael Brown
Priscilla and John Donahue
William Donohoe
Jennifer and John Dowd
The Dreher Family
Vicki and Ed Duffy
Debbi and Mike Duncan
Frances and Michael Duntzee
Paul Dutton
Pamela Edington
Sheila and Domenic Falcone
Ellen and Randy Faulkner
Mary Ann Federico
Debbie and John Federico in honor of Christa Federico
Marcia and Herb Feinstein
Sharla Feldscher and Hope Horwitz in memory of Kathy Pappas
John Fellin and Bruce Moskovitz
Andrea and Brian Ferrenz
Frances Ferrone
Samantha Finken
Maggie Fischer and Bob Starling
David Fling
Joann Flounders
Rachel Freedman
Carol Gainer
Gregory Galeone, DDS
Penny Gallagher in honor of Kim Gibbons and Liam Gibbons
Michele and Henry Gasiorowski
Amy E. Gewirtz
Maureen and Colin Gibson
Gige Interiors LTD.
Maryanne and Bryan Giller in memory of Jean Nagle
Joann and Bob Glasson
Susan Gleeksman
Deborah Glick and Richard Kirschner
Michael Goodman
William Gordon
Maryann S. Gormley-O’connor
Mark Grant
Nancy Grieco
Rebecca and Tucker Gunderson
Barbara and Albert Hall
Bernadette Handler
Kathleen and John Hanson
Jon Hanson
Joan and Matthew Hanson
Timothy Hartman and Ronald Swidor
Kathryn Hayes
Elmer W. Heinel
Elaine Hendrix
The Henry Family in memory of Fred Block
Donna Herb
Stephanie Herman
Robin Heuer
Thomas Hickey
Kim and Eric Hinrichs
Debbie Holman
Myrna and Walter Holweger
Betsy Hornberger
Robert J. Horning
Jerri Huber-Gibson and Hans Huber
Vicki and David Huebner
Geraldine Hund
Kathy J. Jackson and Robert A. Adolph
Laurie Jacobson
Mary Ann Jeffery
Lynn Jensen
Jay Johnson and Irwin Weiner in memory of Bill Harris
Elizabeth and Peter Jordan
Suzanne Jorden
K9 Caesar
Ekaterina Kalkys
Fran Kayne and Adrienne Royden
Barb Keener and Ken Sharples
Sharyn Keiser and Sandra Santello
Michael Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy
Joanne and John Kerr
Thalia and Chris King
Kelly Kinnan
Patricia Klausner in honor of Sharon Carr
Peggy Klingler
Lorraine Kobeski
Gayle Kocak
Robyn Koondel in memory of Dr. Curtis Plott
Margie and Mark Kopins
Pam and Earl Krause
Anthony P. Krzywicki
Martin Kuhn
Peggy and Bruce Kurtz
Gerri and Jack Lacey
William Lacey
Benedetta and Russell Lambert
Kate Lamont in memory of Carolyn K. Lamont
Michele and William Lancaster
Jeffrey Landis
John Larson
Zelda and Terry Laudal
Gisela A. Leair
David Lebo
Hilary and Ken Leboff
Donna Rae Lee
Patricia and David Lee
Cindy Lehrer
Kevin Lendo
Laura Lenet
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Leventhal
Gail and Michael Lockman in memory of Curt Plott
Laura Lorenson in memory of Fred Block
Kevin And Paul Lucci
David Lundquist
Maria and Francis Lutz
Evie Lynch and Robert Madson
Timothy Lynch
Jean and Michael Maher
Joseph C. Mallia
Cailen Ascher Marone
Florence and Frank Marshall in memory of Dr. Curt Plott
Harry Martin
Mary Ellen and Edric Mason
Barbara and Joe Mastrianni
Deborah and Mark Maten
Lester Mayer
Michael McClintic
Timothy McCollum
Dr. Donald McEachron
Michael McGerry
James F. McGowan Jr
Monica Mcinnes
David McKeon
Meg McSweeney
Katherine and Martin Meglasson
Susan Meikle
Keller and The Mermaid
Sue and Rick Methot
Elaine and Denis Michel
Nancy Miller
Phil Miller
Sandy and Steve Miller
Marcia Minunni and Bryan LeBlanc
Leda Silverman Molly and Michael Molly
The Monaghan Family
Bonnie and Brent Monahan
Madeline and Alan Monheit
David Moore
Laurie and Paul Moore
Elizabeth Moser
Sean Murphy
Tricia and Gene Murtha
Brenda Myers
Charles Napier
Martha and Jack Needleman
Network For Good
New Hope Film Festival
Joan and Fred Newberg
Richard Newman
Rachel Nissim
Lauretta and Peter Notwick
Christine O’Donnell
Johan Offermans
Mary Oiler
Pat Olenick
Erin Oliver and Greg Williams
John Osaben
Margaret G. Ovens
Sandra Pace and Barbara Passikoff
Joanne and Donald Page
Mary Jean Palko
Rob Parahus
Bernadette and Michael Parasolle
Andrea Paskman and Anthony Cavoto
Rosemarie Patterson
Nancy and G. Paul Payton
Ivy and Larry Pearlstein
Cindy and Ron Perl
John Pettenati in memory of William E. Harris
Lisa and Freddie Pettit
Lynda Jeffrey Plott
Susan and Rick O’Neill
Meridy Pockell
Elaine and Tom Pollak
Oveta and Drew Popjoy
Roberta Potsic
Susan I. Primmer and Robert Harris
Janice Pruch
Sarina Puccio
Dimitri Pucher
Carolyn and Robert Purdy
Sundaresan Ramachanan
Eileen Randall
Karen and Richard Reif
Brenda Reilly
Brent Reinhard in memory of Terri Barlow
Paul Thomas Reischman
Donna Repcheck
Joyce and Joe Reynolds
Nancy and Dave Rifkin
Melany and Robert Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Roddy
Ellen and John Rodwell
Rose and James Rolen
Chip Roller
Carol and Thomas Romano
Jim Rossi
Joanne and Bob Roth
Ruth Rozansky
Mark Rubin
Barbara and Mark Rubin
Lori and Jonathan Rubin in honor of Paula and Gary Kaplan
Mary Rudy
Carol Sacks
Kathryn Sadowski
Gabrielle and Nick Salerno
Linda Santini
Karen and Andy Schmitt
David Schoenberg
Cynthia Schrader
Lucia Schultz
Valerie Scott
Pamela and John Sergey
Dianne and Danny Seymour
Marion Sheppard
Therese and Eric Shick
Heather Shields
Trudy Siak
Pat and Tom Siegfried
Jo Ann Simon
Marylu Simon and Judy Zimmerman
Meg Simon
Terry and Ray Simonds
H-Lynn Simpson
Louise and John Sipos
Grazina and George Sirusas
Peter Skunda
Joyce M. Slone in memory of Fred Block
Carol and John Small
Donna Small
Carole S. Smith
Eileen Smith and John Hartzog
Jeanette and Manus Smith
Myrna Smith
Kathryne and Mark Speaker
Vincent B. Spiezio III
Julie and Ken Standig
Ana K. Stankovic
Laurie Stanton in honor of Alex Fraser and Peter Maloney
Lisa and Jayson Stark
Lynn Stecklow
Helen and William Stolgitis in memory of Curt Plott
Karen Stoney in memory of Curt Plott
Margaret Stotler
Eric Strauss
Daniel Suchecki
Kristen Sullivan and William McEnroe
Marjorie and Scott Sullivan
Peter Swatsburg
Christine L. Swift
Charles F. Tarr and Roy Ziegler
Laura Schrock and Kim Taylor
Julie Teichholz
Marcia Telthorster
Jean and William Thobaben
Fred Thomas
Patricia Thomas
Les Thompson
Annabel and Peter Tierney
Laura and Frederic Todd
Mary Tokarski and Frank M. Lamaina III
Kathleen Tornetta
Meryl Towarnicki and Dorothy Wax
Suzi and Richard Troll
Victoria and Gene Tutwiler
Janet and Alan Upperco
Gus Vang
Dicla Veliz
Louis Volpe
Allana Ward
Stephen Webb
Harriet and Robert Webster
Gloria Weissbart
Diana and John Williams
Jane L. Williams
James Wilson
Joan and John Winterbottom
Caroline Wischmann and David Rasner
Marcia Wittmann and Ron Iannacone
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Wolf
Eric Woodall
Mary and Don Woodruff
Susana and Brian Woods
Janis and George Wozar
Jane and Gregory Wuerstle
Charlotte and Ted Zanidakis
Tamra Zebovitz
Peter Zega
Lori and Jeff Zimmerman
Judy Zipkin-Grasso and Michael Grasso

In-Kind Contributions

Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery
Buckingham Valley Vineyards
Bucks County Wine Trail
Digital Dog Direct
The Garden Girl
Hortulus Farm
Hugh A. Marshall Landscape Contractors, Inc.
Logan Inn
Open Door Valet
River House at Odette’s
Rose Ban Winery
Sand Castle Winery
Visit Bucks County

The above listing is current and complete to the best of our ability as of February 25, 2022. We apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions.

For any changes, please contact Christa Federio at (267) 740-2149.