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Word of Mouth: Real People. Real Stories.

BCP’s popular storytelling series is back for Fall 2019 with monthly storytelling performances, workshops, and story slams.

Whether you’ve been “just-listening” to our Word of Mouth series since 2017 or are itching to get up onstage the first time, our fall 2019 line-up has something for you.  Join us for the perfect cozy night out to hear real stories told by real people, or to tell one yourself.

See you at Lambertville Hall!

Word of Mouth Storytelling Performance: “Mystery”
Friday, October 25 • 7:30pm

Our monthly Word of Mouth performance series feature an evening of stories told by some of the best storytellers from NYC, NJ, and PA’s most popular storytelling shows, including The Moth, The Liar Show, R!SK, Cake, Out by Ten and many more. Performed onstage in Lambertville Hall’s intimate cabaret setting, this season’s story themes will take us from the dwindling days of summer all the way through the darkest night of the year.

Single tickets to Word of Mouth shows are available for purchase as well as a special four show package.

Do you stand in line at the grocery store wondering about the giant slabs of Stonehenge? Wait for an elevator questioning the existence of Atlantis? Or are the mysteries that confound you more of the what shall I do with my life, where did I put my car keys, graduate school vs work-force variety? If your alter ego is Nancy Drew; or aspiration is to add “Edgar” award winning author to your resume, tonight’s storytellers can relate. Take a walk thru Lambertville’s Halloween-decked streets and join us for five stories about the conundrums, puzzles, riddles and unbelievable events that keep us asking: why?

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