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We hope you all are well, staying home and keeping sane during this extraordinary time.

As you can imagine, we have been playing out a variety of scenarios, and we didn’t want to reach out until we had a viable plan that we thought would work for everyone, given all the variables in play.

As you know, the Playhouse shut down on March 13, just after our dress rehearsal for Other World.  We’ve been following the news, along with everyone else, and are lucky to have friends in Harrisburg and Washington who have been keeping us on top of all developments concerning when and how we can re-open.

Our top priority is keeping our staff, our artists, our backstage crew, and you, our audiences, safe and out of harm’s way. We know that smaller venues, like ours will not be the first to re-open, and it is clear that before we can go back into production we will have to be assured we can keep actors safe during rehearsals and onstage, as well as put into place protocols that will be recommended to keep our audiences safe.

So, we decided that the best thing to do is just to pick up our subscription season and move it right into next year.  We are producing four very special shows we know you will love.

We will start with a brand-new production of the classic play Auntie Mame!  The play version, not as well-known as the musical, was a huge Broadway hit starring Rosalind Russell.  The play is a delight, and we can’t wait to give it the Playhouse kid-glove treatment.

And for our big musical — Kinky Boots, which Alex helped develop as a producer in New York.  The Tony-winning music and lyrics are by Grammy winner, Cyndi Lauper, who by the way, is writing a new musical that Robyn and Josh are producing in New York.

One hold-over from the announced 2020 season is reassembling the team from the recent Broadway revival of the musical comedy Dames at Sea We’re lucky that Tessa Grady, one of the original Broadway cast members, and star of the Playhouse production of 42nd Street, has signed to do the show.

And last but not least, we have just been granted the rights to do a new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musical, Evita This new production is set in an Argentina tango bar and has one of the great scores of all time.

For those who bought the special 2-year subscription, we’re already at work on the 2022 season we can’t say much yet except for these two words: Rodgers and Hammerstein.

We’ve been working hard to make 2021 the best season ever, and we want to entice you to keep your subscription in place with usSo, if you stay with us until next year, you’ll become a special Legacy Subscriber. All you have to do is keep your subscription with us until next spring, when we’ll come back bigger and better than ever.  We’re planning a host of special perks and discounts just for Legacy Subscribers, plus a special page in every Playbill thanking you individually for sticking with us, not to mention the special feeling knowing that you helped Bucks County Playhouse through a very difficult time.

This summer, we hope the Deck will be back in business, perhaps with an outdoor courtyard café.  By late summer we hope we will be able to reopen the Playhouse and finish our run of Other World— and maybe even do some play readings and concerts in the fall and a big holiday show.

Obviously, a lot needs to happen to make that possible, which is why we don’t want you to feel pressure to come back to the Playhouse before it feels comfortable for you.

While we are in careful hibernation right now, we have been able to move our youth education programming online, provide take-out and delivery service from The Deck, and we hope you’ve been enjoying Playhouse Live! Sunday nights and our weekly newsletter.

While it can seem bleak some days, thinking of all that we’ve lost and knowing there are still hard times to come, the one thing I know is that we will come back. There will be a vaccine and the theatre will return.  It has lasted 3000 years, through many pandemics and floods and even a pestilence or two, and we know the Playhouse will survive and be right back where we belong before you know it.

So, help us keep the faith and keep the Playhouse right where it belongs — producing great theatre, providing artists the chance to try new roles, and leading the regeneration of New Hope.

Remember, this is your Playhouse and your support is what keeps us going. We want to come back strong, and the way to make that possible is to stay with us and rollover your subscription to next year.

Since our staff is on furlough, we have only a few souls working basic tasks to keep us operational. They’ll reach out to make arrangements with you – including options for those who feel they are unable to commit to 2021.

Thank you in advance for believing in us. We are very grateful and can’t wait until all back together again safely watching a great show at the Bucks County Playhouse.

Sending much love,



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