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Bucks County Playhouse Theater, Inc. would like to thank the following contributors for their extraordinary generosity. We need your help to make the Bucks County Playhouse an integral part of our community again!

Bucks County Playhouse is grateful for the significant support received from the
Bridge Street Foundation.



Chris and Mary Jane Beck
Pamela Kerr and JaQuinley Kerr
Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall


Bucks County Playhouse would like to thank our Annual Fund Donors.


Producers Circle

Sustaining Partner

Bridge Street Foundation

Diamond Patrons

Susan and Eliot Black Foundation
The Tonamora Foundation

Platinum Patrons

The Pfundt Foundation
Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall

Gold Patrons

Gayle Goodman and Jim Searing
Edward and Kimberly Gibbons

Artists Circle

Silver Patrons

John Bisignano and Alexandra Storm
Drew Desky and Dane Levens
Robert Field and Vivian Banta
Joe and Judy Franlin
Adolf and Patricia Herst
Terry Hueneke and Michael J. Ross
Robert and Sally Huxley
Arabella Langhorne
Vito and Angela Mangiapane
David R. McShane
Jeffrey Seller and Josh Lehrer
Sally and Harlan Weisman



Edward and Lynn Breen
Anthony and Elaine Grillo
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies
Greg Kammerer and Fred White
Pamela Kerr and JaQuinley Kerr
Brendan Nolan and Joe Litton
Neil and Patricia Stalter
Walter C. Stoertz, Jr.
Scott Trzaskawka and Jeffrey Brouillette
Doreen Wright and Robert Beck

Crystal Patrons

Joseph and Carla Brosnan
Chris Daniel and James Schnobrich
Peggy and Bill Hecht
Dick and Sally Henriques
Glen Kasper
Jamie and Marc Lemberg
George Michael
Robert and Eileen O’Neil
Michael Raymond and Andrew Moyer
William Tomai and John Sebesta
Cathryn Kelly Zega and Richard Zega



Carolyn Ambler and Lucianne DiLeo
Barbara & Richard Boyko
Stephen and Pamela Can Trust
Christopher and Whitney Chandor
Chris Daniel and James Schnobrich
Sally and Lloyd Davis
Marian Disken
Cameron and Debra Dittmar
Christopher Durang and John Augustine
Patty Ellis and Rebecca Tillet
Barry and Sharla Feldscher
Kathy and Ted Fernberger
Robert and Elaine Fitt Family Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation
Vivian and Michael Francesco
Gayle Goodman and Jim Searing
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Gribb
Allan K. Grim, Jr.
Mike and Sherri Hammer
John and Jacqueline Hover
Susan and Tod Hullin
Mark Issa
Steven Kaplan and Court Whisman
Gilbert and Elaine Kasirsky
Hon. Laurence Keller
Kevin King
Martin Kuhn
The Lehman Foundation
Stephen Modzelewski and Deborah Sze
Amy Nederlander
Network For Good
Brendan Nolan and Joseph Litton
Ryan and Kristin O’Keefe
Lida Orzeck and Susan Miller
Ken and Jenny Osterman in memory of Matt and Jean Babey
Wendy and Jon Paton
Boston Properties
Joshua Richardson
Dr. Claire E. Shaw and Michelle Smith
John and Adelaide Skoutelas
Ken Snyder
Nina Stack and Robert Gould
Flody Suarez
William Tomai and John Sebesta
Thom R. Watson and Robert Brown
The Harold Wetterberg Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Wolf
Nancilee Wydra
Patrizia Zita and Jake Genovay


Dave & Prudy Ballai
Mary and Dick Benioff
Lamberto And Barbara Bentivoglio
Lizanne and Tim Bernlohr
Jean and William Brenner
John Budin and Scott Kalish
Dr. Patricia Clark and Anthony Krzywicki
Salvatore Corio Jr.
Brian and Julie Davies
Geri Delevich
Peter R. Gelb
Lisa and Jack Halperin
Susan and James Hanlon
Khristian and Timothy Hawver-Scott
Edward Klimerman and Janet C. Walden
Karen Kruza and Richard Quinn
John And Carol Mccaughan
Anthony vaneyck Miller
David And Susan Minno
David Newhart
Sharen Popkin
Scott & Tricia Reines
Gary Ridge and Tom Wisnewski
Shirley Rumierk
Ann Gerhart and Michael Sokolove
Michael Sutter and Nancy Weber Sutter


Friends of the Playhouse
Dr. Wendy P. and Gabriel A. Battisti III
Carol Bourdette
Talyana Bromberg
Cornerstone Health & Fitness
Michael Dancho
Susan and John Eichert
James M. Felser
Rachel Finkle and Sven Helmer
Ryan Fuller
Craig and Regina Garretson
Julie and Brian Davies
Ron and Connie Gering
Julia and Fredric Goldberg
John and Anne Goldsmith
Lyle And Nina Goodheart
Judith Guise
John and Virginia Harman
Eric And Kim Hinrichs
Hope Horwitz
Chris and Bob Klein
Michael and Randi Koss
James and Alice Ludovici
Bruce Martin
Amy Gewirtz
Renee Morsbach
Harry M. Myrga
Sandra and Donald Norin
Roger Ohlandt
Greg Williams And Erin Oliver
Anthony Roth
Paula and Richard Ruderman
Charles Shorday
William and Marianne Sifer
Faith and Gurney Sloan
Ros Westlake and Steve Smotrich
Laurie Stanton
Jack Staub
Scott D. Sutherland and Stephen Thompson
Frank M. Lamaina III
David Topel
Woolverton Inn


Margaret and Edward Adgie
George and Ellen Anthonisen
Elena Antonelli
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Ashmen
David Aust
Mark and Irene Biel
Barbara Coe
Judy and Leo Cohen
Lee Colletti
Margaret Copenhaver
Robert Czerniak
Tabitha Dell’angelo
Joseph And Elizabeth Desteffano
Age Diedrick & Peter Zalud
Ivan Dizengoff
Joseph Doyle
Beryl and Elliot Drexler
Robert Eaton
Charles Fischer And William Evans
Jeffrey Faigle
James And Barbara Field
Marlene and Arnan Finkelstein
Jack Geracci
Joseph Golden
Mark Grant
Laura Grossi-Tyson
Rich and Kathy Hazen
Charles Henry
Barbara J. Hill
Betsy Hornberger
Kristine Kadela
Cathy and Chris Kerr
Linda King
Joseph and Marie Kohles
Danice Kowalczyk and James Cahillane
Richard A. Lancioni
Mark Litowitz
Robert Loughlin
Francis And Marie Lutz
Karen Magnano on behalf of Walt Stoertz’s birthday
Michael Maher
Karen and Chris Hoffman, Jr.
Donald Marcus
Lauren Miller
Donald Mitrane
Vicki B. Morrison
Michelle Morrison
Gerry Bogatz
Peter & Lauretta Notwick
Deborah D. Olcese
Laura A. Conour and Suzann Ordile
Anthony And Sue Parisi
Janice Pruch
Puritie Day Spa
John And Marguerite Quinn
Michael Hurle & John Ramelli
Gerardo Ramirez
Lynn And Cary Reimer
Lawrence Booth and Michael Richardson
Laurie and Mark Ross
John And Elise Rupley
Karl Salus
Jill and Howard Savin
John & Kathleen Schupner
Fred Sciallo and Tom Flanagan
Richard And Doris Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Seidel
Lucy Sharp
Alan Spalter
Ken and Julie Standig
Marjorie and Scott Sullivan
Marcia Telthorster
Tutwiler Family Trust
United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley
Richard and Linda Walsh
Janell And Terence Wassum
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Weiner
Jane L. and W. David Williams
Thomas and Rebecca Wilschutz
Christine and Steven Wimpenny
Laurie M. Winegar
Anita Woodside
Sharon Yerkes


Susan Achenbach
William Banks
Carolyn Bazik
Susan Bibbo
Deborah E. Bowles
Barbara Brown
Mr. and Mrs. S. Duane Darienzo
Joseph DeProspero
Bill Donlen
Steve Foster
Paula Fracasso
Vicki Fuller
Karen Gallagher
Joseph Gerdes
Gail Harris
Juanita Hawkins
Joseph Heick
Laura James
Larry And Helen Kirschner
James Knipper
Suzanne Landen
Michael Loughran And Jim Leach
Deborah De Lisi
Meg McSweeney
Lisa Newsham
Kathleen O’Dorsey
Katie Palen
Brenda Reilly
Jenny Salisbury
Joseph Simonetta
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
David Weiss
Wilhelmina and Wayne Hardee

In-Kind Contributions

Cornerstone Health and Fitness
Kevin and Sherri Daugherty
Digital Dog Direct
Terry Hueneke and Michael Ross
Hugh Marshall Landscape Contractors, Inc.
David Leopold
Peggy McRae
Open Door Valet
Triumph Brewing Company of New Hope

Education Supporters

Nicola Addeo
James and Sue Anderson
Robin Bazhdari
Lynn M. Breen
Jean and William Brenner
Douglas and Heather Brown
Warren B. Chaiken
Salvatore Corio Jr.
Stephen and Donneta Crane
Stephen and Roxanne Distler
Ivan Dizengoff
Edward W. Doherty
Bill Donlen
Joseph Doyle
Barry and Sharla Feldscher
Friends of the Playhouse
Jeffrey Gada
Ann Gerhart and Michael Sokolove
Edward and Kimberly Gibbons
Michael Grasso and Judy Zupkin-Grasso
Anthony and Elaine Grillo
Christina Gutherman
Lisa and Jack Halperin
Dick and Sally Henriques
Steven Kaplan and Court Whisman
Arabella Langhorne
Philip Mackenzie
Jeffrey Marshall
J. Bruce Martin
Steven J. McCaffrey
David R. McShane
Amy Nederlander
Brendan Nolan
Kathleen O’Dorsey
Eileen and Robert O’Neill
Wendy and Jon Paton
Karen Kruza and Richard Quinn
Michael Raymond and Andrew Moyer
Shirley Rumierk
Jeffrey Seller and Josh Lehrer
Jamie Sharp
Lucy Sharp
John Skoutelas
Ken Snyder
Alan Spalter
Neil and Patricia Stalter
Walter C. Stoertz, Jr.
Flody Suarez
Jacquelyn Trick

The above listing is complete as of October 23, 2018. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, and we apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions. If you notice an error please connect with Development Associate Mary Dina at

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