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Bucks County Playhouse Donors

Bucks County Playhouse Theater, Inc. would like to thank the following contributors for their extraordinary generosity.  If you would like to make a contribution, please call Trevor Wise, Development Manager, at 267-740-2090 x 107.  You can also email him at with any questions you might have.  We need your help to make the Bucks County Playhouse an integral part of our community again!

Bucks County Playhouse is grateful for the significant support received from the
Bridge Street Foundation



Chris and Mary Jane Beck
Pamela Kerr and JaQuinley Kerr
Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall

Bucks County Playhouse would like to thank our Annual Fund Donors.

Sustaining Partner
($250,000 + )

Bridge Street Foundation

Diamond Patrons

Susan and Eliot Black Foundation

Platinum Patron

Tonamora Foundation
Sally and Harlan Weisman

Gold Patron

Oliver Maier
Marvin and Dee Ann Woodall

Silver Patron

Friends of the Playhouse
Chris and Mary Jane Beck
John Bisignano and Alexandra Storm
Charles B. Finch and Edward Cambron
Kimberly and Edward Gibbons
Gayle Goodman and James Searing
Patricia and Adolf Herst
Robert and Sally Huxley
Delaware Investments
Greg Kammerer and Fred White
Lisa James Otto and Jonathon Otto
Jeanne and Jeffrey Robinson
Nina Stack and Robert Gould
Walter C. Stoertz, Jr.
The Victory Foundation
Visit Bucks County
Doreen Wright and Robert Beck
Cathryn Kelly Zega and Richard Zega

Bronze Patron

The Byers Foundation
Doro M. Kerr and the Charles Kerr Foundation
Joe and Judy Franlin
Roger Green and Enid McDonough
Terry Hueneke and Michael J. Ross
Hugh and Donna Marshall
David McShane
Norris, McLaughlin, & Marcus
Pheasant Hill Foundation
Happy and Sam Shipley
Joseph S. Tripodi, in memory of Thomas J. Clewley
Robert and Patricia Wilson
Dane Levens and Drew Desky

Crystal Patron

Friends of the Playhouse
John Augustine and Christopher Durang
Peter and Lane Britten
Dr. Joseph Brosnan
Foundations Community Partnership
Vivian & Michael Francesco
Anthony and Elaine Grillo
Anne and Ed LaFriniere
Joseph Litton and Brendan Nolan
Sandy and David Marshall
Art Mazzei and George Kuebrich
George E. Michael
Bradford Mills and Dr. Pamela Mills
Stephen and Deborah Modzelewski
Wendy and Jon Paton
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Michael Raymond and Andrew Moyer
The Schoch Foundation
Kathy Schroeher and Jim Clark
Patricia and Neil Stalter
Up River Productions, Inc.
Bert and Lynne Wolff
Zanya Spa Salon


Margaret D. Balitsaris
Mary and Dick Benioff
Barbara & Richard Boyko
Stephen and Pamela Can Trust
Whitney and Christopher Chandor
Richard T. Evans
The Davis Family Memorial Trust
Geri Delevich
Roxanne and Stephen Distler
Patty Ellis and Rebecca Tillet
Edward and Kathleen Fernberger
Finkles-The World’s Most Unusual Supply House
Robert and Elaine Fitt Family Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation
Ryan Fuller
GMG Insurance
Jacqueline and David Griffith
Allan K. Grim, Jr.
Peggy and Bill Hecht
Susan and Tod Hullin
Kenneth and Linda Hyman
Stephen Kocis and Robert Munson
Beverly G. Landstrom
The Lehman Foundation
Debby and Ken Maisel
JR Maxwell Builders
Ryan and Lorettea O’Keefe
Ken and Jen Osterman
Andrew and Jane Pedinoff
George J. and Judith S. Pierson
Michael Raymond and Andrew Moyer
Scott and Anne Reines
Run Now, Wine Later
John Eric Sebesta and William Tomai
Vanquard Chartiable
Thom R. Watson and Robert Brown
David J. Witchell at 25 South
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Wolf


Actors’ Equity Foundation
Katherine and Gary Andreassen
Lawrence P. Booth and Michael Richardson
Jean and William Brenner
Cooper Mechanical, Inc.
Julie and Brian Davies
Debra Dittmar
Ann and Tim Falvey
Ricki and Steven Fisher
Dr. Elaine B. Gibbs
Granahan Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Robyn Goodman
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Gribb
James and Susan Hanlon
Joan and Howard Henschel
Beth and Scott Houlton
Ron and Sandy Johnson
Edward Klimerman and Janet C. Walden
The Mansion Inn
Anthony vanEyck Miller
Mills + Schnoering Architects, LLC
Pfizer Foundation
Provident Bank
Laura Schrock and Kim Taylor
Scott D. Sutherland and Stephen D. Thompson
Jim Treacy and Shoan Morales
Irwin Winer and Jay Johnson
Marcia Wittmann and Ron Iannacone
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies


Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Wendy and Gabriel Battisti
Jay and Susan Brodish
Ira and Vera Friedman
Phyllis L. Gagner
Warren and Becky Glaab
Julia and Fredric Goldberg
John and Anne Goldsmith
Dewey Goodwin
Randy Goseny and Robert Saldarini
Judith L. Guise
Oskar Hallig
Jacqui and John Hover
Susan E. Kane
Gail and Alan Kei
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Klein
Randi and Michael Koss
James and Alice Ludovici
David and Carole Martin
Anthony vanEyck Miller
Steve and Sandy Miller
Harry M. Myrga
Edythe and Dick Patterson
Bruce and Amy Repasy
Paula A. Ruderman
Cathy and William Scandone
deGrouchy, Sifer & Company
Faith and Gurney Sloan
Solebury School
William and Marianne Sifer
Charles F. Tarr and Roy Ziegler
Jerome and Susan Taylor
Judy Vincent
David and Jean Weston


Margaret and Edward Adgie
Annie Hauls
Dr. Bruce and Dana Applestein
Appleton Lawncare & Landscape
Dr. and Mrs. Barry D. Ashmen
Jo Badolato
Betty Benton
Margaret and William Browne
Craig and Regina Carretson
Joseph and Marion Chiesa
Lee Colletti
Margaret Copenhaver
David and Jane Courtright
James Curry
Beth Danese
Donna Deely and Amy Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeFalco
Debra A. DerDerian
Joseph F. DeSteffano, Jr.
Lori DiGiacinto
John and Priscilla Donahue, In Honor of Kim and Ed Gibbons’ 50th Birthdays
Claire and Jack Donohue
Elliot and Beryl Drexler
Elisabeth and Harry Dugger
Christina Ernst
Debra Faiello
Sam Faiello
Harry and Carol Ferguson
Mrs. Celestine Filipkowski
Marlene and Arnan Finkelstein
Betty Ann Fish and Kathy McCormick, In Honor of Larry Schneider &Richard Stuckmeyer
Mary and Patrick Fowles
Dr. Paula Fracasso and John Francis
Bill and Sally Getchell
Mark Grant
Rich and Kathy Hazen
Anne and David Heiser
Charles J. Henry
Elizabeth T. Hornberger
Michael Hurle and John Ramelli
Terrence and Roberta Hurley
Jack G. Hutton, Jr.
Kristine Kadela
Cathy and Chris Kerr
Robert D. King
Larry and Helen Kirschner
Danice Kowalczyk and James Cahillane
Bradley Kozar
Frank Lamaina
Richard Lancioni
Kathryn Legath
Staci Levine
Robert and Laurie Levine
The Logan Inn
Robert Loughlin
Harry H. Gaines
John Lowe and James Gray
Harry and Roanne Lukens
Edric and Mary Ellen Mason
Joe McCabe
Thomas and Debra Meagher
The Merck Foundation
Donald Mitrane
Vicki and Joseph Morrison
Sandra and Donald Norin
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Notwic
Hester Null & Stephanie Moss
Deborah D. Olcese
Professional Landscape Services
Janice Pruch
Karen Robinson-Cloete
Peter and Molly Rosenquist
Laurie and Mark Ross
Teresa Sanpietro
John and Kathleen Schupner
Richard Schuster
Frederick Sciallo and Tomas Flanagan
Jean and Richard Seidel
Jules Smith and Steven Humphreys
Steve Smotrich
Laurie Stanton
John Sternberg and Sharen Popkin
Marcia Telthorster
Allana Ward
Stewart and Trish Weintraub
Tom and Rebecca Wilschutz
Christine and Steven Wimpenny
Laurie M. Winegar
William and Kathryn Yeomans, In Honor of Lynda and Curt Plott’s Birthdays

(as of January 17, 2017)

Susan Achenbach
The Arnolds
Lynn Becker
Michelle Berrong
Dorothy and George Bessette
Mark and Irene Biel
Cindi Bittel
Deborah E. Bowles
Bristol Meyers Squibb
Friend of the Playhouse
Mr. and Mrs. S. Duane Darienzo
Elisabeth and Harry Dugger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunleavy
Charles and Jeanne Dyer
Terri and Jonathan Epstein
Emily and Ari Fox
Susan Gleeksman
Christopher Havers
James Knipper
Michael Loughran and Jim Leach
Julia M. Maddux
Barbara Mandy
Jules and Judy Meister
Marky Palko
Linda Piechott
Leslie and Elizabeth Rupell
Richard and Jean Seidel
Richard and Mary Sherwood
Julie Standig
Gary and Pamela Tice
Stewart and Trish Weintraub
John and Joan Winterbottom


In-Kind Contributions

Angel Hearts
Blue Moose Café
Clusters Caramel Corn
CP Commercial Printing
Cornerstone Health and Fitness
John Danaher
Kevin and Sherri Daugherty
Digital Dog Direct
Bob Egan Entertainment
Frankie’s Trionfetti’s
Gourmet Tomato Pie
Giant Food Stores
Hamilton’s Grill Room
Heart of the Home
Hugh Marshall Landscape Contractors, Inc.
David Leopold
Marsha Brown
Peggy McRae
Pudge Cakes
Lisa James Otto and Jonathon Otto
Pineville Tavern
PMDI Signs, Inc.
Savioni Designer Boutique
Charles and Kris Sheppard
Nina Stack and Bob Gould
Bill and Nancy Strong
The Logan Inn
Up River Productions, Inc.
Walker’s Wine and Spirits

Education Supporters
Friends of the Playhouse
Joseph and Nan Benincasa
Jane Biberman
Bridge Street Foundation
Natalie Brooks
Patricia S. Clark and Anthony Krzywicki
Geri Delevich
Barry and Sharla Feldscher
Charles B Finch and J. Edward Cambron
Vivian and Michael Francesco
Joe and Judy Franlin
Kim and Ed Gibbons
Robyn Goodman
Roger Green and Enid McDonough
Stephen Kocis and Robert Munson
Abby Langsted
Peter B. Maloney
Richard A. Marfuggi
Sandy and David Marshall
Meredith Matarese
William and Marianne McComb
Tom Merlo
Wendy and Jon Patton
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Stephen Phillips and David Kagan
Kristine Quimby
Craig Sanders
Happy and Sam Shipley
Walter C. Stoertz, Jr.
Scott Sutherland and Stephen Thompson
Ted and Melinda Tally
Rochelle and John Thompson
Rebecca Tillet and Patty Ellis
Up River Productions, Inc.
The Victory Foundation
Doreen Wright and Robert Beck
Cathryn Kelly Zega and Richard Zega

Bucks County Playhouse would like to thank the following contributors for their support of the Second Annual Galavant in the Garden at Hortulus Farm.

Leadership Sponsor
Patricia and Adolf Herst
Oliver Maier
Professional Landscape Services, Inc.
Tonamora Foundation
Marvin & Dee Ann Woodall

Benefactor Sponsor
The Byers Foundation
Kimberly and Edward Gibbons
Horizontal Leadership
Gayle Goodman and Jim Searing
Roger Green and Enid McDonough
Norris, McLaughlin, and Marcus, PA
Robert and Michele Wilson
Terry Hueneke and Michael J. Ross
Happy and Sam Shipley
Walter Stoertz, Jr.
Joseph Tripodi
Doreen Wright and Robert Beck

Concert Performance Sponsors
Greg Kammerer and Fred White
David R. McShane

Event Hosts
Renny Reynolds and Jack Staub

Platinum Tickets
Joseph and Judy Franlin
Sandy and David Marshall

Gold Tickets
Christopher and Mary Jane Beck
Barbara and Jay Belding
Joseph and nan Benicasa
Joan Brown
Stephen and Roxanne Distler
Kathleen and Edward Fernberger
Jane and Mal Jozoff
Kevin Leslie
Wendy and Jon Paton
Robert and Barbara Tiffany
Rebecca Tillet and Patty Ellis

Silver Tickets
Andrew and Mary Lou Abruzzese
Jobert Abueva
Gary and Katherine Andreassen
Kim Ward Bacso
Jane Biberman
Laura Biersmith
Michael Richardson and Lawrence Booth
James Briggs and Doug Wilmot
Larry Katz and Natalie Brooks
Joseph and Carla Brosnan
Rob Magnes and Stewart R. Cades
Gary and Anna Cesnik
Sue Shvarts and Heidi Heyman
Geri Delevich
Bill Evans and Chuck Fischer
Douglas Hudak and Richard Gacek
Paul and Mary Gerard
Arnold and Rebecca Goldstein
Nina Stack and Robert Gould
John and Molly Gribb
Steven Griffing
Lisa T. Hanover
Laurence Jahns
Sven Helmer and Rachel Finkle
Steven Kaplan and Court Whisman
Ed and Anne LaFriniere
Dane Levens and Drew Desky
Al Lieberman and Carole Bloch
Ken and Debby Maisel
Richard and Paula Ruderman
Michele and Mark Malone
Hugh and Donna Marshall
Craig Matthews
Patrick McGonigal and Kristen Maldonado
Julia McLaughlin
Meg McSweeney
George E. Michael
Mark Ansley and Peter Miller
Mark Nester
Jeff Nicholas and Liz Sigety
Andrew and Jane Pedinoff
Kristine Quimby
Suzanne and Scott Rehl
Tom Butler and Bryce Rudolph
Hedy Shepard-Shavel and Matthew Shavel
Hope Smolin
Neil and Patricia Stalter
William and Melinda Tally
Jake Taylor
John and Rochelle Thompson
Albert Troglio
Ronald Unterberger and Vail Garvin-Unterberger
Wayne Vincent
Jay Johnson and Irwin Weiner
Sally and Harlan Weisman
Kenneth and Harriett Wiseman
David Witchell

Christopher Durang and John Augustine
Sally and Richard Henriques
George Kuebrich and Art Mazzei
David Maue and David Gaudette
Mills + Schnoering Artchitects, LLC
AJ Mrozik and MZ Shohfi
Leslie Skolnick and Steve Klein
Suzi and Richard Troll
Phillip and Jane Wise


The above listing is complete as of January 4, 2017. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, and we apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions. If you notice an error please contact Trevor Wise, Development Manager, at 267.740.2090 x 107 and we will remedy it.  Thank you.

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