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To contact staff members in our Administrative Offices or at the Playhouse,  please call (267) 740-2090 and reference the extension next to their name.

To contact the Box Office, please call (215) 862-2121.


Producing Director Alexander Fraser
General Manager Teresa Sanpietro
Associate General Manager Maureen Cotellese 119
Company Manager Chris Smith 103
Arts/Company Management Fellow Emily Lieb
Assistant to Producing Director Susan McDermott 110
Director of Finance Jamie DelaCruz 114
Finance Assistant Sharon Flanagan
Director of Development Stephen Donato
Development Manager Trevor Wise 107
Development Assistant Mary Dina 115
Director of Marketing Michael Traupman 109
Marketing Manager Abby Langsted 116
Sales Manager Kathy Pappas 102
Assistant Sales Manager Greg Nanni
Marketing Assistant Ashley Lahoda 120
Sales Associate Aimee Goldstein
Sales Associate Katherine Fischer  
Sales Associate Carolyn Kelly  
Sponsorship Acquisitions Carol Bolton
Publicist Sharla Feldscher
Publicist Hope Horwitz
Box Office Manager Sara DiGuardia 125
House Manager/Assistant Box Office Manager Josiah Hutchings 126
Associate House Manager Natalie Feinman
Head Usher Sarabeth Baker    
Education Manager Ellen Gallos 106
Student Theater Festival Coordinator Joann Bull 113
Playhouse Historian Peggy McRae
Visitors Center Coordinator Annette Rosenberg   128
Visitors Center Associate Stephanie Nagy   128
Director of Production and Facilities Matthew Given 105
Technical Director Tom Watson 121
Assistant Production Manager/Lighting Supervisor Jacob Gilbert 118
Audio and Video Supervisor Ryan Walsh 122
Wardrobe and Wig Supervisor Lanatia Nalley
Lighting and Sound Assistant Jon Pfancook
Facilities Manager Laura Hornby 124
Facilities Consultant Peter Maloney    
Box Office Manager Sara DiGuardia 125
Assistant Box Office Manager Josiah Hutchings 126
Bar Manager Trisha Dasch 127
Bar Assistant Michael Kite
Bartender/Social Media Coordinator Timothy Hoh
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