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To contact staff members in our Administrative Offices or at the Playhouse,  please call (267) 740-2090 and reference the extension next to their name.

If you have ticketing questions or issues, please call  the Box Office at (215) 862-2121 or email


Producing Director Alexander Fraser
General Manager Teresa Sanpietro
   Associate General Manager Chris McGinnis 254
   Producing Associate Jeremy Ehlinger 110
   Company Manager Chris Smith 103
   Management Assistant Emily Lieb 131
Director of Finance Jamie DelaCruz 114
  Finance Assistant Bryan Pane 137
Director of Advancement Scott F. Blacker 107
  Advancement Manager Christina Speidel 117
  Advancement Associate Christa Federico 115
Director of Marketing Michael Traupman 109
   Sales Manager Kathy Pappas 102
   Marketing Manager
Jennifer DeWitt 116
   House Manager
Matthew Sonnenfeld 126
   Associate House Manager
Talia Heldenmuth
   Associate House Manager Hannah Jakubowska
   Associate House Manager
Kelly Wilson
   Senior Sales Associate/Patron Ticketing Specialist Aimee Goldstein 205
   Marketing Associate
Ashley Lahoda 120
   Sales Associate
Joanne Heinzmann 205
   Sales Associate
Shawn Speidel
   Sales Associate Brittany Wilson 205
   Visitors Center Coordinator
Annette Rosenberg 128
   Head Usher
Hanna McNinch
   Head Usher Jim Schnobrich
   Head Usher
Shelley Soltis
Sharla Feldscher
   Publicist Hope Horwitz
   Playhouse Historian Peggy McRae
Director of Education  Michaela Murphy 132
   Education Manager Ellen Gallos 106
   Student Theater Festival Coordinator Joann Bull 113
Director of Production and Facilities Matthew Given 105
  Assistant Production Manager Rachel DelVecchio
  Technical Director Tom Watson 121 
  Assistant Technical Director
Nick Lee 135
  Wardrobe and Wig Supervisor Josh Moss 123
  Wardrobe Crew Madison “Charlie” LaSorda
  Lighting Supervisor William Gibbons-Brown 118
  Assistant Lighting Supervisor Sarah Schmoyer 136
  Audio and Video Supervisor Ryan Walsh 122
  Assistant Sound Supervisor Jonathan Pfancook 134
  Deck Chief Christopher Stewart
  Deck Crew Mark Alcaro
  Facilities Manager Laura Hornby 124
  Facilities Assistant Zach Fuentes
  Facilities Consultant Peter Maloney
Director of Restaurant Operations Corey Fair 133
  Chef de Cuisine John Zeggert
  Pastry Chef/Kitchen Manager Larry Roach 133
  Beverage Manager
Chelsea Marrazzo 127
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